Psychogenic Labyrinths

Dennis Wilton 2020

When it comes to the important issues in life I lean towards Gnosticism; this relates to knowledge, especially esoteric mystical knowledge. "I need to know", not believe. I emphasise personal spiritual knowledge over traditionally accepted teachings, and ecclesiastical authoritarian rule. This is a stoic position that carries many hardships.

For example, heaven and hell are states of consciousness, and because it is possible to believe all manner of things, when people talk about heaven and hell, I want to "know" about them, and so I began researching the labyrinths of the mind that led to these extreme states of consciousness. I plummeted into the depths of hell and ascended to the heights of heaven, and this book is a record of the ensuing events. I now "know" that these two states of consciousness exist, and importantly, how a mind map (included in the work) can be used by readers to negotiate a path towards the higher states of consciousness. The most dangerous part of my research was the act of discovery, whereas the reading is free of any such hazards.<br><br>
Depending on your disposition towards opinions, the following are a short list of feedback comments from selected readers:

"Essential reading."
"Complex ideas made understandable."
"Information everyone needs to know."
"Specialised yet comprehensible."
"Clearly planned and well illustrated."
"A work of reference."
"A breakthrough in the understanding of criminality and mental illness."

I personally lay no such claims on my research. To me the work constitutes a highly significant chunk of my life during which I willingly risked sanity to discover and, consequently, reveal to other people the truth that lies beneath everyday consciousness. At the very least, the work is thought-provoking and I sincerely hope that readers will take the time to evaluate their lives in relation to the presented themes.

A few reasons for reading the work are:

- To have a deeper understanding of who we are.
- To avoid the many pitfalls facing young people as they embark on adult life.
- To devise strategies for developing higher states of consciousness.
- To expand our understanding of wrongdoing in all its forms.
- To make more informed choices.
- To improve the prospects of upcoming generations.

"Psychogenetic Labyrinths - the Conscious Cover-up" is available only from the author using the contact form. The price of the book covers estimated printing and administration costs.