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Coming soon ... a range of academic and fiction story books of interest to descerning readers.

Authors: DW Bijor, Dr Philip Emery, and Dr James C Austin.

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A Budo Portrait A Budo Portrait - Non-fiction - By DW Bijor: The Cambridge dictionary defines martial arts as a sport that is a traditional Japanese or Chinese form of fighting or defending yourself. Elsewhere, the definition of self-defence resembles the defence of one's person or interests, especially through the use of physical force. However, almost every technique learned in a martial art is illegal to use, at least where I live. Sports martial arts apply to a minority of fit and agile young people, whereas martial arts spread the entire globe. The aim of this book is the reverse of physical force, and preventing conflict both physical and psychological. The emphasis is on the word psychological. The general opinion is that Budo is the philosophy that forms the basis of martial arts, but actually martial arts are an extension of Budo. The Japanese word Budō is a compound of the root bu (武: ぶ), meaning war or military; and dō (道: どう; meaning path or way. It includes the ancient Indic Dharmic and Buddhist conception of "path". If taken literally, Japanese Budo complies with the concept of fighting or war, but in peaceful societies, this definition is conflicting; time now for a return to the original Budo. This book reflects Budo principles with their strong spiritual themes, metaphysical experience, and the applicability of powerful techniques in a psychological environment... Buy now at Amazon

A Budo Portrait Personality Spectrum - Non-fiction - By DW Bijor: The causes of human behaviours, both abhorrent and superlative, have mysterious origins. In some cases, childhood familial and social conditions offer rational explanations for the way people develop. However, while having a margin of factual evidence, not all cases fit the accepted profile. While a large number of unusual behaviours reduce to biological or neurological conditions or malfunction, an equally large number of gifted behaviours remain unexplained. 'Personality Spectrum' provides a fascinating theoretical prism offering the opportunity to see beyond accepted standards for human research and endeavours. It helps us reach a psychological zenith, a time and place at which our thoughts and inclinations are most powerful or successful. Psychological constructs are needed to reach that zenith, and these are explored in this book. Buy now at Amazon

A Budo Portrait The Reluctant Seers - Fiction - By DW Bijor: The imagination is a mysterious and lawless place where we can love and hate with equal relish, often dispensing justice on a whim. When we feel angry, hurt, or in need, we wish to make the imagination real, give joy to those we love, and dispense justice swiftly without remorse or consequence. Suppose that were real, that we could make these things happen. The characters in this story did just that; they echo our wishes and our dreams, but pay a hefty price. Pre-publication reviews say the Reluctant Seers is a gripping and moving story, makes imaginative reading, and mirrors our deepest ambitions. We escape all penalties as we agree with their decisions, and applaud their making of a safer and more prosperous life. Buy now at Amazon

A Budo Portrait Dangerous Light - Non-fiction - By DW Bijor: Following as part of a book series, Dangerous Light pursues the presented themes in a darker sense. Budo takes a back seat as this work deals with exploring and combating the deprived area of the personality. I hope that after reading the content, the reader will see the value of using a personal means of psychological defence. Exploring any dark material involves a degree of discomfort. However, there are two reasons for making this exposé. The first is to overcome the personal trepidation of looking into an abyss, and secondly to shed a vicarious public light on problematic issues people generally put aside. Ignoring problems leaves them to escalate out of sight, and therein lays a deep-seated problem. Buy now at Amazon

A Budo Portrait Angels in the Sky - Fiction - By DW Bijor: A starlit sky and a streaking light, how often is the sight of a falling star. Shooting stars are a wonderful phenomenon. They streak through the blackness of space at unimaginable speeds. We know these shooting stars as a glowing trail caused by the incineration of pieces of celestial debris entering our atmosphere. What if just two of the millions people see all over the world in the night skies were not the incineration of celestial debris. Perhaps as we see Orion standing watch in the midnight sky, two such lights, like souls playing in the dark, proceed from the heavens to a destined place on earth, and their darting faces and diminishing tails dropping from sight as they missile gracefully to a distant place, living out their incredible lives. Buy now at Amazon

Additional Authors specialising in science, metaphysics, creative writing and supporting a wide range of subjects:

Shado Cycles Shadow Cycles - fiction - By Dr Philip Emery:Rorn, Waste-Ranger of Nightwake, looks across a wreckage of utter unending night, unsullied by moons or stars, prowled by things suited to blindness and ruin. A realm where man clings to survival in impregnable noctilucent mansions, where only a few can and do step outside to take messages of possibility and comfort. "Waste-Ranger! The vat!" Rorn turns. There's a stirring of light in the magma of the prophecy vat behind him. Not glowing but flickering. Not swirling but growing. Something on fire, or perhaps of fire, is swimming up through the blackness, about to burst out. With four others, all of different realms, Rorn is transported to a new world. The last magician of a race of magicians; another possessing and possessed by a vampiric labrys; a towering swordsman whose blade sucks out the evil of those it slays; an assassin shape-shedder. All five are plunged into a strangely black sea which ships sail across like dreams across obsidian - a sea of shadow. They find themselves in the midst of an uncanny war fought over generations but approaching a final apocalyptic battle where victory is to be won not by strength or strategy but by something far stranger.... Buy now at Amazon

Shadow Cycles Nectromantra - fiction - By Dr Philip Emery: In the Hundred, the working folk are kept in order by the masters who administrate the mills, pits and manufactories. Strict records are kept in town halls, every death certified, despite a crushing mortality. However, the old grim certainties face a new threat with the arrival of the necromancers - dark-skinned pilgrims who, by the chant of a strange mantra, are able to raise the recently dead, thus throwing the immaculate records of the town halls into chaos. In retaliation, the masters appoint rectifiers to each town. Reviled and feared by most of the Hundred, their job is to 're-decease' the risen. Jem Nadin is a rectifier. One night, he witnesses a resurrection in a cemetery. Caught up in a compulsion he cannot explain, he goes against orders and attempts to catch the necromancer performing the chant. Meanwhile, in another part of the Hundred, the soldier Hawbind returns to his native town, haunted by the ghost of a comrade killed in battle. The lives of rectifier, necromancer and soldier entwine in a series of nightmarish adventures, culminating in the 'Necrocomb', a pocket of supernatural darkness beneath the deepest pit of the filthy conurbation, where the fate of every one of the Hundred-Towns is decided... Buy now at Amazon

The Disembadied Mind The Disembodied Mind - non-fiction - By Dr James C Austin: Since classical times we have seen considerable progress in our understanding of the physical world through the disciplines of science. However, when it comes to the mind and its most palpable property, consciousness, we have difficulty attempting any kind of meaningful discussion. Can material things be conscious, or is the mind entirely separate from physics? If we insist on the latter, how does the mind relate to the physical world? Relying more on evidence rooted in the empirical sciences than on standard philosophical arguments, this book disseminates a persuasive and self-consistent model implying an objective mind completely unconnected with anything physical. Moreover it means that the mind has no effect on the physical domain, but, by free volition, is able to navigate its way through a myriad of configurations that constitute the world we experience... Buy now at Amazon